-No Rain,No Rainbow-



In the land of God and Monsters



Shouyou Hinata by Dan Gyokuei
Kageyama Tobio by Han Kouga
Photo by Hayashi Masaru
Thank Meo Chan for helping




[Zone 00] Otohime Runa

Otohime Runa by Sei

Photo by Dan

Thank Han , Sky and Đốm for helping















The boy by Hayashi Masaru

Photo by Dan

Thank Han, Khanh  and Habozimo`s for helping :)





[Soul Eater]

Maka Albarn by Chir Pllger
Soul Evans by Han Kouga

Photo by Dan Gyokuei

Thank Meo Chan and Zing Ruby for helping





[GINTAMA] Shiroyasha

Sakata Gintoki by Sky

Photo by Dan

Thank Han for helping







Model:  Zing Ruby

Photo by Dan


Thank Hakaryo for helping













[雨がやんでしまったら どこへ帰ればいい?]


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