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[Pandora Heart]29.04.2011

Pandora Heart
Oz Vessalius by Zuro kun

Photo by Dan




Psyche by Dan

Derio by Han

Photo by Sei


Dont know why my face turned to this kind of expression then =)))

27.04.2011.Joining Otaku House`s cosplay idol contest

I`m  joining the Cosplay Idol contest held by Otaku House


Here is the photo I used to summit to this contest

If  u have facebook account , plz vote for me >////<  I would be so appreciated

Then how to vote ?

First u must like this page :http://www.facebook.com/otakuhouse

Then go to this album

Click “like” to the pics u support to vote for them 😀

I would be appreciated if u vote for me , but there are also many good cosplay pics so it`s ok , u are free to choose ur favorite pic right ?


Ryugamine Mikado by Kita kun

Photo by Dan

[Nabari no ou]_12.12.2010 full

ah~ It`s been so long since I post a full shots *o*

Dont blame me :-< that`s because of my laziness not me =))))))))))))))))))

Shimizu Raikou by Han

Yoite by Dan

Photo by Zuro , Han , Dan


[DRRR]Kida portrait

Kida Masaomi by Dan

Photo by Han


Ryugamine Mikado by Kita Kun
Photo by Dan

the sky is high :))