-No Rain,No Rainbow-

16.08.2011.I`m so Thankful

Thank u so much all my friends

Not that today is my birthday but it`s ur kindness made today`s so wonderful >w<b

Thank u my friends, my families 🙂 for making me feel so warm deep down in my heart , for ur entries comforting me, for ur messages, for making me laugh out loud without anything to worry about , I`m so happy because of u guys

Thank u , all the ppl on fb who I`ve met and who I`ve never met be4, for all ur birthday wishes for me , there`s so many that my fb had to load so slow,  but I couldnt help but reply to each of u to show u that I appreciated and , well what can I say now while all I know now is that I`m so thankful >///<

Thank u , my DA friends for making me go through ur  4 pages of birthday wishes >w<v feel so great!!!

And thank to my baka brother for being my greatest bro ever , I feel I was still a little child, I`ll miss u when u move to HCM again :-<

Weeeeeeeeeeee~ I`ve received so many love , cutie gifts from u guys , I think it wont be enough but still



One response

  1. ^^~ You deseserve it, lil’ ss ~ :”x ~ We all love you for who u are and wat you’ve made til today! ^^
    Dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<3

    August 17, 2011 at 7:39 am

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