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Lelouch Lamperouge by Dan

Photo by Han




[Nurarihyon no Mago]When the night comes


Nura Rikuo by Sky chan

Photo by Dan

[ONE PIECE] Get high


Luffy by Dan


Photo by Han


[VOCALOID]Enbizaka no Shitateya



coming to you


Photo by Dan

[VOCALOID]Enbizaka no Shitateya

Yesterday I got a chance to take cosplay shots of enbizaka no shitateya again with Sei chan . I was confused in editing the tone cause I dont want to repeat the seri which I took for Saber earlier . Lucky me I feel kinda like the tone this time.

Luka by Sei

Photo by Dan

Thank Han , Hara , Zuro and Saber  for helping :)



[VOCALOID]Story of Evil


Kagamine Rin by Whoo

Kagamine Len by Dan


Photo by Sei



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