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[Nabari no ou]_12.12.2010 full

ah~ It`s been so long since I post a full shots *o*

Dont blame me :-< that`s because of my laziness not me =))))))))))))))))))

Shimizu Raikou by Han

Yoite by Dan

Photo by Zuro , Han , Dan



It`s been so long since the first time I listened to this song

but still the same feeling.. so sad right?

Everytime I listened to Forever , feel the lyric , all I can think about is Yoite , as if this song were written just for him , to describe all his hidden feeling .

One of the best songs I `ve ever heard

I stand alone in the darkness
the winter of my life came so fast
memories go back to childhood
to days I still recall

Oh how happy I was then
there was no sorrow there was no pain
walking through the green fields
sunshine in my eyes

Im still there everywhere
Im the dust in the wind
Im the star in the northern sky
I never stayed anywhere
Im the wind in the trees
would you wait for me forever ?


Nabari no Ou cosplay

Yoite by Dan

Photo by Han



[NnO]12.12.2010.Ash likes Snow

It`s exactly “Ash likes Snow” here

This photo was taken through the glass which was full of ash *_*

12.12.2010 .Nabari no Ou_Yoite cosplay



Too bad I couldnt catch the moment T^T but still so happy >w<b

Me as Yoite from Nabari no ou.

Even the expression here is not like Yoite at all but still I like it!!!




Yoite by Dan

Photo by Zuro







[Nabari no Ou]12.12.2010

Yoite by Dan
Shimizu Raikou by Han

Photo by chanh Zuro

Thank Puku and Whoo chan for helping through




[Nabari no Ou]12.12.2010

Yoite by Dan

Photo by Zuro

According to the version http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5242/5253978701_30118150ff_z.jpg




[Nabari no Ou] Old shoots


YOITE by DAN Gyokuei


MEGURO GAU by etoukun