-No Rain,No Rainbow-


[Portrait] In your wild dream

Model: Meiji Torii

Photo by Dan

Thank Han and Hakaryo for helping

[CODE GEASS: Boukoku no Akito]

Julius Kingsley by Dan

Kururugi Suzaku by Han

Photo by Hakaryo

Thank Sei, Hara, Zing, Meo, Sky, Isis for helping







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[PSYCHO PASS]Makishima Shougo

Makishima Shougo by Dan

Photo by Han

Thank Sei for helping


[Kimi to Boku] Asaba twin

Asaba Yuuki by Hara

Asaba Yuuta by Han


Photo by Dan















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Hisoka by Hara

Illumi Zoldyck by Kita


Photo by Dan

Thank Han and Sei for helping




[No.6] Your smile brighten those grey days

Shion by Kita

Nezumi by Dan

Photo by Han, Dan

Thank Sei, Hara, Hayashi and Sky for helping












[Original Character] You come from the rain

Model: Dan Gyokuei & Zing Ruby 

Photo: Han Kouga & Bé Trai Hoang Mang
Special thank: Meiji Torii

Music: Rain – SID [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlbASi61-7Q]

The first time

The day after




Another day







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